About Us

Always strive to be the best version of yourself! Be unique. This is the foundation I have created my business on. I am a full-time wife, mother, entrepreneur and a part-time cosmetologist. I have lived my entire life at the base of the Teton Mountains.

After my son was born I cut back my hours behind the chair at the salon to be with him and have loved every moment we have had together. Unfortunately being a stellar mom doesn't pay the bills so I decided to take my passion for the country western lifestyle and my dream of being a stay-at-home mom and open a Boutique. I was inspired to do this because I started using Poshmark to clean out my closet and try to make some cash. I found a passion in this I didn't know I had. I love selling fashion!

I know there are thousands of small businesses with the same goals, however I intend to stand out from the rest.

How? I value your time and money as much as my own. I believe in honesty and integrity. I want you to be elated with your experience and every purchase you make at my boutique because that is what I would desire as a customer.

Every time I receive an order I personally fulfill it. Every item is beautifully wrapped and packed with care. I include a hand-written thank you card because I can't shake your hand or give you a hug over the internet and luckily for you, you can't see my rhythmically challenged happy dance I break into every time I make a sale!

In the future I hope to have a brick and mortar location and get to interact with all my supportive customers in person, but I have to start somewhere so here we are!

On behalf of myself and my small family, thank you for your support and being part of making my dream into a reality. We really appreciate it!

Yours Truly, Brie Walker